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Customer Reviews We have been getting plenty of great press coverage, but our favorite reviews are from the people who have bought La Figa themselves.

The Atlantic “Tiberio’s La Figa: Visions of Food and Form is nothing short of a feast for the senses, celebrating two of the most primal human hungers and pleasures while elevating both through the artistic lens of a true creative visionary using the human body as his canvas and food as his paintbrush.”

The Huffington Post ran a nice slideshow of images from La Figa.

Juxtapoz Magazine features a great interview with Tiberio.

Stark Insider “Reading Chef Tiberio’s book is like running for six miles on a damp morning, taking a hot shower and curling up with a strawberry arugula salad with a hint of olive oil and then snuggling up to your loved one. It is fulfilling, cathartic and nurturing.”

The Co-Creator Series presents an hour long conversation with Tiberio, Matt, and Diane Rivera, about the art of food and touch, and the creative process.

LA Talk Radio’s Loveologist also has an hour long interview with Tiberio and Matt.

City Arts Magazine “Dear Diary: Last night I went to an art show. I had an adult beverage there. I mingled with folks from the neighborhood. I ate a cucumber slice off of someone’s booty!”

Not So Secret “Tiberio is pure passion. He oozes the natural eroticism of a soul unencumbered by fear and convention.”

Gastronomica (Fall 2012, print only) “[La Figa] is, rather, an incitement – and guide – for taking pleasure in food preparation, consumption, and sex, possibly all together.”

Creative Loafing features an interview with Tiberio and Matt.

Dozens of Blogs picked up Tiberio’s guest editorial Are We Too Prudish for Our Own Good?

Tucson Citizen “It is a lavish book and a feast on several levels. But to say that it is sensual is an understatement, and a little like claiming that Bernie Madoff made a few bad investment decisions.”

Sonoma Magazine ran a story about us in their Summer 2012 print edition.

Ballard Tribune Newspaper has a front page story about Tiberio and Matt.

Edge Magazine “For Tiberio Simone and Matt Freedman, two of the most beautiful things in the world are food and the human body – not necessarily in that order.”

Seattle Gay News “I’ve long dreamed of a ‘pleasure activist,’ preferably one with an accent, asking me to get naked. This past weekend I got my wish, but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Monsters and Critics “If you were looking for an excellent book to give a food and art lover, La Figa: Visions of Food and Form is your find.”

Author Magazine features a story from Tiberio – 500 Letters, as well as an audio interview.

Cornichon “Loving women, loving their bodies, a passion long-celebrated, has fallen into disfavor, what with sordid sex scandals at home and abroad. But there is nothing shameful about Tiberio Simone’s delight in the human form (in all its forms).”

Wine Trendsetter Sex, Wine, Chef Tiberio Simone, and a 2009 Bridlewood Blend 175.

The Sunbreak “These people, like I, have been called pleasure activists. And now I’ve met another one.”

Apogee Photo Magazine “Text: A+; Layout: A; Photography: A+; “

Eating and Dining features a video interview with Tiberio.

Seattle Voices a 30 minute television interview with Tiberio by Eric Liu about love, life, and La Figa.

PhotoMedia Magazine “The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ takes on new meaning in this nude study by Seattle photographer Matt Freedman.”

KIRO Seattle article and radio interview with Tiberio.

North Seattle Herald Outlook “The ‘Sensual Chef’ is without a doubt the perfect title for Simone, a James Beard Award winner. A native of southeastern Italy, he has made a name for himself with a unique art form: placing food on human bodies.”

Seattle PI Big Blog “I’m on the verge of blushing. And I’m kind of craving salad.”

Seattle PI Book Patrol “Eat, Touch Love: a book of edible art.”

Bild photo spread on the website for Germany’s largest newspaper.

La Gazzetta di Lecce big front page article in one of Italy’s largest newspapers

La Figa: Visions of Food and Form is a book featuring a spectacular collection of sensual photography – models wearing nothing but the edible creations of James Beard award-winning chef Tiberio Simone. Using the human body as his canvas, and natural fresh ingredients as his paint, Simone’s elegant and tasteful nude images are the culmination of a five year collaboration with photographer Matt Freedman.

$39.95, 192 pages, Hardcover
• 160+ images
• 20 Recipes
• 40 Essays about food, love, and life

Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner: 2012 Coffee Table / Photography Book of the year.