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La Figa: Visions of Food and Form
is a book about natural beauty and fresh flavors. Featuring a spectacular collection of sensual photography – models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors wearing nothing but the edible creations of James Beard award-winning chef Tiberio Simone – the book examines the relationship between food, touch, and the ingredients that make life delicious.

La Figa‘s elegant and tasteful nude images are the culmination of a five-year collaboration between Simone and photographer Matt Freedman. Using the human body as his canvas, and natural fresh ingredients as both his paint and his adhesives, Simone has developed a new art of food and form. The synergy of his ephemeral artwork with Freedman’s photography is magical – producing a series of breathtaking images that will stir your soul, pique your curiosity, and tune you in to your most primal instincts for flavor and pleasure.

La Figa is a celebration of Simone’s vision of food and touch as the basic ingredients of life. In touching tales of his childhood in rural Italy, he reveals how he grew into the “pleasure activist” and celebrated food artist he is today. In addition to these stories of youthful and innocent sensual experiments with food, you will find ingenuous advice on how to use food for seduction, knowledgeable recommendations for selecting the perfect piece of fruit or a vegetable, and twenty of Simone’s favorite recipes. The writing and photography of La Figa will leave you with a new understanding of the relationship between what we eat, and how we connect with each other as sensual beings












By Chef Tiberio Simone
Photographed by Matt Freedman
$39.95, 192 pages, Hardcover
• 160+ images
• 20 Recipes
• 40 Essays about food, love, and life

Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner: 2012 Coffee Table / Photography Book of the year.

Book Publishers Network, Seattle
ISBN 978-1-935359-75-3